aBandon The Moon

by Band on the Moon

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released July 2, 2013

Recording Engineer: Lorin Walker Madsen at High Desert Studios
Mixing & Mastering Engineer: Austin Billings
Cover Art photo by Drew Spencer



all rights reserved


Band on the Moon Salt Lake City, Utah

A blues-rock group that will guarantee a foot-stomping good time, Band on the Moon is not an act to miss. With the dynamite vocal-work of Felicia Anderton and the songwriting magic of Elan Bartholomew, Band on the Moon is a musical thunderstorm that shows no sign of letting up any time soon. ... more

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Track Name: House on the Hill
Hey you, in the house on the hill/I can’t describe how this feels/To finally see today/It hardly seems to be real/And you can laugh til your eyes roll back/But now, your fate is sealed/I’ve waited night after night/Until the time is right/Your judgement day is here/There’s no use putting up a fight/I won’t wait I won’t hesitate/Now is the time...
Track Name: Professionals
So your days, they ate you whole/Got you trapped, nowhere to go/And you feel like that light ain’t getting no closer/You just gotta change your view/A different mind, a different you/Now put on that mask and repeat after me/It’s just like the real thing/If you can keep pretending/Then who’s to say you’re anything but strong/It’s all in the discipline/Keep it quiet and hidden/And they’d never notice a single thing is wrong/Oh it’s a lie you live, but at least it pays the bills/You know a lot of us just do it for the thrills/What separates you is you still have yet to crack/So just do your job and never look back/So you found a way to deal/Bite the bullet, take the pill/Just a shame that you won’t ever be the same again/But you’re good at what you do/Professional, through and through/You’ll make a name for yourself as long as you can bend
Track Name: He's in the Details
It’s not a problem to fake this, you told me/I will play you, I can guarantee/Been dead and gone in the ground for longer than you know/Had to come up for air just to see/But you’re a problem you know, you just can’t face the truth/You keep on running and running away/It’s not about holing up inside your camoflage/You gotta man up and face it with me/It’s so funny the fear that keeps you in your head/Oh really, you think that I don’t know?/Well what they say is the devil’s in the details/And he’s all over your sade little show/Oh come on give me a break you think I’m that dumb/I got a little surprise for you/Don’t tell me it’s over I want you to show me if you’re really better don’t feed me a story I wanna believe you but don’t wanna worry about your deceiving and oh please/I don’t care I don’t mind/Just go your way and I’ll go mine/It’s been a long time coming and even longer waiting til I could see/So why don’t we just stop wasting our time?
Track Name: Gunpowder Blues
The clock ain’t never been a friend of mine and that ain’t fiction/I’m splitting seconds just to get what’s mine and pay my dues/Losing my sanity, my dignity to make a living/Already tough enough when I ain’t got no sleep to lose/I’m jumping back and forth my mind is playing double time and/My hands are shaking like I’m coming from beyond the grave/These days are blending in and out so much I can’t describe it/Wish I could lay my head down but I gotta let it ache/Nose to the grindstone just another day another dollar/Been drinking gallons of those chemicals just to get up/My back is breaking from the weight under this damn blue collar/If it was possible believe me I would just give up/If you could only know the craziness that I’ve been living/If I had time to think yeah I might really know it too/Don’t try to calm me down I ain’t known to be that forgiving/Time doesn’t wait for anybody, yeah ain’t that the truth/Oh when will it, oh when will it ever end?/It keeps bangin’, it keeps bangin’ in my head/If you could find the time to drop me a line/I need to come up for air, I swear I’m gonna lose it/I keep on drinking all that coffee, never ending story/Sometimes it really doesn’t seem to do much good at all/My friends keep telling me at least your life ain’t all that boring/But man I’d take that any day over this living hell/My eyes are redder than the devil and they’re getting redder/My heart is pounding like a marching band that won’t give up/I think it’s time for me to get out while the getting’s good and/I don’t care bout the consequences here I’m finally done
Track Name: Bad Hand
Always remember/Crossroads at midnight/You swore your ability and your crossed your heart and hoped to die/But something bout the way your hips met with my crooked fingertips/Well they never forgot that/But our paths went separate/A forked tongue telling different stories/You couldn't believe it/A lost bird that kept calling for me/I wanted to tell you we both could cut the cord.../If there was a way, leave it all someday/I can tell you/we could stop and blow it all away/But I am the Joker/I am the Queen/I am the King of your entangled heartache/What made you believe/No I can't make no promise/You can't take my word/Just make your case/Now tell me Ace/Oh, how's it gonna be?/But I know the limits/There's only so far we could climb/Put you on the back burner/For another world, for another time/But you got me so wrapped up/I can't move/It's fucked up/But I think I like it
Track Name: Dead Engine
I got this feeling burning a hole right through my heart Can’t seem to shake you, but it’s tearing us apart/On lockdown waiting for you/Been hiding in the dark/Dead engine, no ignition/Flies caught in a jar/You got me spun up so tight/Sucked the life out of me/Your poison pumping through my head til I can’t breathe/I feel it pull me under/Submerged in revery/I can’t resist temptation, getting hard to breathe/I can’t escape at all/At every beck and call/Just when I think I got my head on straight again/You throw me back behind the eight ball/Your static washes over me/Go shut the blinds, turn off the phone/That toxic touch of yours is the best way to feel alone/I’ll get the oil, you get the altar/Let’s make this biblical/It’s a thought, it’s a plan I got/Now let’s see how far it goes
Track Name: Monster
I got a’something that’ll turn your little head ‘round/I got more time than life itself so why don’t ya sit down/Darling you act like you ain't ever seen us around, but you better act fast cause your time is running out/Slick tricks ain't sticking, don't listen, it's time to tuck tail and run/We got a hand in everything/You thought that you kept your hands clean/You should leave well enough alone/I think you better run back home/Now go on and spill the story, never boring with the knives out/How deep it’s running, honey, you don’t wanna find out/The monster in your closet don’t know what it’s about, but your mommy didn’t tell ya bout us when you were a child Dropped jaws, loose laws, it’s a livin’, bet ya didn’t think it’d go this far
Track Name: The Compromise
And so the ruling comes down to this/But the jury don’t hear me/Their eyes see right through me again/Below all the vacant formalities/Nobody sees the reality/Covering up all the wrong/And it goes on and on /And hold onto what you can of me/These thoughts that I’m following/They’re the only anchor I’ve got/I sold all my hope for clarity/All I got was severity/Building up the walls/Til you can’t find me at all/Again/My mind wanders back into your hands/But no matter if I right it/I feel so uninvited in the end/And all of these lies/They won’t be enough to compromise/But it’s all been torn asunder/And this ship is going under
Track Name: Patchwork Me
Sometimes it all just makes me laugh/Looking at the ground and then looking back/How did it get to be so bad?/These soles hold a bruised and weary past/Staring into a dirty mirror/These eyes are filled with more than fear/I’ll take all of it in, but I’ll shed no tears/There’s nothing left for me here/Is this the end or is this just another bend/On the beaten path I follow/I’m begging you please, just tell me my friend/Is this a dream or is this just hollow, patchwork me/Somehow I’ll just keep on walking/Do my best to shrug off these things/Paint me a smile, let’s do some laughing/I’ll look at the sky and sing/Just tell me to stay.../To stay on this pathway
Track Name: Carry On
Don’t tell me how this all ends/You wanna hold on to the surprise/You got a lot of explaining to do/But I ain’t got no time for your lies/Been feeling cheated, we built so much so long/But now it’s crumbling down/So medicated you thought we’d never stop/But you lost sight of the ground/But I hope, under your weakness/That common sense isn’t gone, gone, gone/Then I know you’ll understand me/Til then we’ll carry on, on, on/I know it’s too late to change direction, but you can’t blame me for tryin’/Taking on water, you left me for dead/It’s a miracle we got out alive/If we repeat this, there’s something you should know/I gotta say goodbye/Maybe you’ll see it, and maybe you won’t
But you already had your warning signs/We’ll carry it on.../Someway, somehow...